A Safe Space for Reprobates

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 At Satellite Tavern, we invite you to leave your bullshit at the door. It doesn't matter what gender you identify as, what ethnicity you are, or what political views you believe. We are all people just trying to get by and have some fun along the way. Satellite Tavern is here to take the weight off; to provide a fun, irreverent place to relax, eat, drink and catch a game. Please come in.

Your Stop for Sports on Interstate

Catch the game on our many screens inside & out! Enjoy North Portland’s favorite backyard complete with a horse shoe pit, outdoor TV’s, fire pit, and more!

No Fuss, scratch food

Classic American Bar & Grill cuisine made great.

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Come for the food, stay for the game.

Enjoy local, quality sports bar favorites. Check out our menu of perfectly paired snacks for pitchers or seriously loaded burgers for the hungriest of patrons.

Yes, we have the game on! Stop by our bar or patio for indoor and outdoor viewing of your favorite teams. We proudly show all sports packages, with weekend breakfast for football season.


Kick back, stay awhile

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We serve cold beer, solid pours, and NO Appletini’s

Cozy up at our bar for our selection of Boiler Makers, or lounge on our lawn with a tall boy. We promise to serve hard-working, no frill drinks.